Other Publications


Al’s first published poems appeared in about 1972, by Pulin Publishing: three poems were used in an anthology named All People are Poets, of which there were several volumes. He used the pen name of Alexander Robert, his first two Christian names.


Syzygy etc

In the late a1970’s, as a member of British Mensa, Al belonged to several SIGs (special interest groups) whose monthly publications frequently published his writings.

  • ConSig, a group for those keen on issues of conservation, was run by Dr Paul Hammet LeBrun, who lived in Wednesbury, hailed from Malta and printed many articles and poems from Al.
  • The Mensa Poetry society, over a few years, published a dozen or so poems for Al in their organ, Lyriq.
  • Al took over the running of the SIG devoted to science fiction, the newsletter/zine of which he renamed Syzygy, and he was editor of that publication for three or four years during the mid 1980’s.



Yours magazine published a short true story by Al in the late 1990’s in their Yours Annual publication.