Rancid We ran out of the Lurpak that is spreadable The toast was dry and practically inedible We searched the fridge and found a foil-wrapped nub inside But on the tongue the taste was on the rancid side The indicators rise, The indicators fall, The blessings that you counted on Are rancid most of all For banks to lose their money’s indefensible Bankers were not smart or wise or sensible We little people bailed them when they cried and cried Their gratitude to us is on the rancid side New Labour isn’t Labour or new any more They told us (backed by Tories) “We are off to war!” With many soldiers and civilians maimed and died Apologies from Blair seem on the rancid side Foreign cultures in this semi-Christian land Imported clothes and language – can’t understand Some cross ten thousand kilometres for a bride With a marriage attitude that’s on the rancid side The ‘youf disease’ has strafed this country end-to-end Rendered rude and lewd, and hitched to every trend They cannot speak a sentence, have no sense of pride Except aggressive rapping on the rancid side.