Today a cleansed, sharp freshness And cartoon lambananas Informs the cityscape And the stylish ship Manannan. A new style retail-friendliness Adorns the docks and strand Where swish apartments, plush hotels Enjoy a space that’s grand. The scrappy wound of visitors Scrape lustre from the style But morningshine will heal it Making visitors worthwhile. Openly displayed in parts, Memories in pale stone Of one-way ticket soldiers, Forgotten ones now gone. We watched the stylish ferry Slowly turn to make Its way out of the estuary, Seagulls round the wake. Albert and Princes Dock, Liverpool Seagulls circled the prow When I first came here - A grey, expectant afternoon Waiting by the pier. We were a fatherless foursome A long, long time before Far futures of the Fab Four. Mother did all and more. Ferried us through the grey-crowd In this temporary location, Luggage lugged, labels flapped For Manx-bound embarkation. We noticed in the self-serve queue A scruffy Scouser shuffle Deceiving secret pies and snacks In satchel and in Duffel. Until the long arm came along To reach and apprehend And turn his body inside out And make him make amend. The city seemed so reesty, moist In nineteen fifty-four No servicemen with one-way stubs To take them to the war.