Audio Tracks

A number of Al’s audio recordings exist on different platforms.

iTunes (now Apple Music), BandCamp, Spotify, and half a dozen other apps have a few audio recordings by Al Barz, but his main platforms, for some years have been ReverbNation and SoundCloud.

Check out these tracks

(If You Were Birmingham) I Would Hug You” on Reverbnation,

The Crying Time Is Over” from the album Leandra, on SoundCloud.

Oh and BandCamp! I forgot about BandCamp!

Recordings were initial made using the same Yamaha keyboard used in live performance, and the first CD album, “Leandra” was produced at Rooster Studio in Blackheath, nr Birmingham by Lozz Hipkiss. Lozz also provided an additional synth keyboard for Al to use, and added a guitar accompaniment track on Cryin’ Time, a song recorded there. 

Al has been adding musical backing tracks to his poetry since the early 2000’s and penned a football song, “Take It Right To ‘Em”, that was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee by a studio band.

As technology has moved on, so has Al Barz, now using the GarageBand and other synth-type apps including loops to create digital backing tracks, often used in live performance, but some of which have taken on their own lives as standalone musical soundscape tracks.

He also plays guitar and harmonica, but these have yet to make it to an acceptable quality for public consumption.